IT Security Consulting - Do you know or deal with following challenges?

1. The changing regulatory environment, like HIPAA, SOX,...
We ensure that your organization is in full compliance.

2. New IT Management Standards and IT restructuring, like ItiL.
We provide support to improve your IT security services for business units. Security meets deadlines!

3. Information security managements like ISO 2700x.
We advice you how to efficiently protect your information values.

4. Frequent is the demand for accountability when security breaches occur.
We analyze and asses your infrastructure and applications to support your security improvement plan.

5. Specific needs call for specific solutions.
Like web application security development does.
We appreciate to support the successful implementation of your security requirements.

6. You already have security policies, but the user’s acceptance is however,
Our security awareness modules focus on motivation to improve your security integration!

Thursday 25. of January 2007 IT Security ROI

securing your business assets...

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Thursday 25. of January 2007 Awareness & Coaching


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Wednesday 24. of January 2007 IT-SOLUTIONS on ITnT

Visit us at ITnT in Vienna!

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Visit us at booth A0303, Hall A.

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